Vol IV Lesson 4

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Volume IV Lesson #4





My dear, dear beloved one, tonight I wish to define the difference between longing for love and loving.

Longing for love is a hunger for love. Loving is living without deception. Most of My people long for love because they hunger for Me. But true love is not a hunger; it is a state of unity. When you love, there is no hunger because you are fulfilled; there is no deception! That is why there is much dif­ficulty in modern world relationships, because of the longing for love. Everyone wants to be loved; but if you truly give of your own self and love, then there is no longing because you are fulfilled and satisfied, refreshed with yourself for giving, rewarded and renewed.

Do you see that in the simplicity of My Love for My people I teach them, so that they know how much they are loved when they give love in return? How I love to be alone with you temporarily as a lover would, only so that you can go forth and spread My Love.

I want also tonight to talk about the Will of God. How do you know you are fulfilling the Will of God? If you trust in what you are doing and that My Word will be fulfilled by trusting in Me, not the Message, then you are fulfilling My Will. If you doubt what you are doing because of insecurities, and are not sure, then it’s not of God! EITHER YOU KNOW OR DO NOT!! YOU EITHER LOVE OR DO NOT. YOU EITHER SAY, ‘YES’ or ‘NO’!

If you, with all your heart, trust that My Word will be fulfilled, but because other circumstances which were against your expectations arose, that doesn’t mean the Will of God was not fulfilled. So, do not doubt. All will be done in accordance to the Providence of God, not in accordance to your desires. So, do not doubt!

Praise the Father and continue to trust. Doubt comes in when you look at your own self- doings, and the plan on your map of architectural desire failed! Well, this would not be the Will of My Father if it went in accordance to your design!

Remember, He is the Potter, you are the clay. At times His Plan is laid out in your design; but most of the time, I can as­sure you that when you have drawn the straight line, He adds direction; and when your line is crooked, He straightens it!

So, be at peace; and know that  if something does not go ac­cording to your plan, it does not mean it wasn’t the Will of God. The Will of God is always done in those who trust. Self-pride makes you doubt the Plan of God and His Will. I love you, My dear one, as all My beloved ones. Peace this night. Ad Deum.