Vol IV Lesson 40

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World



Volume IV Lesson #40




My dear one. I come now to you to take down My Lessons for My people. I am a compassionate God. I will not insist upon My Way, but will give to those who ask and endure with patience. Be persistent people of prayer, and consistent in your actions.

You ask, and then you give up so easily! Where is your endurance? Will a salesman give a bargain to you if you do not persist in asking, in being a nuisance?

My Love is not one that I will make you beg or plead for, but you ask in prayer today and do not follow through the next day because you become impatient and do not persist in endurance! Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it will open. Keep knocking until it opens. When the door opens, walk in!

I want My people to be faithful to My Love through their consistency of action. If they pray and are faith-filled, loving disciples, they will be consistent in their actions, service and love. All of this is possible for those who seek Me with a pure heart.

The heart, I have said, is made clean through silence. Not of your labor or merit do you succeed in strength of virtue, but through surrender. My Love is true, but the tests I give to you to see your progress do not always prove true to your claimed love of faithfulness to Me! You want, but do not give in return. You ask, and then you become impa­tient that I have not responded immediately to your dictates. Then you doubt and give up on your God, which opens My Wounds. How long am I to be manipulated by you to prove My faithfulness of Love to you?

Give to me, and then you shall receive. It is not within your own power to achieve. This type of claimed love is not “love”; it is not unconditional. All desire to reign as “God.” How poor is the deceitfulness of your love for Me. Be strong! Take courage and allow Me to teach you the Truth of Love and her sincerity and virtuous fruits. So many of My people are stricken with pain and sorrow from this conditional love of deception and dishonesty.

Now you, My broken people, must allow Me to be your God; to remold you; to be the potter; or you will only continue to break yourselves and one another until the existence of your world ceases to be. Take heed, and persist in asking. Be consis­tent with your actions in proof of the fidelity of your love.

Peace and Truth be yours against the falsehoods with which you are deceived!

Ad Deum.