Vol IV Lesson 44

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Volume IV Lesson #44





My dear one, allow yourself to rest and to give yourself with your whole heart to Me. Seek always to surrender to My Will. The secret of progress is patience. Nothing will come to pass unless it is permitted by me. Everything shall be in accordance to Divine Providence. Therefore, put your mind at ease and rest in My Love.

Acknowledge My Justice in My works and give to Me your love. Have patience and take courage. Your comfort will come to you in proper time. Simply give to Me now all of your attention. I want all of you.

Trust in Me, and you shall receive the counsel profitable for your inheritance in My Kingdom. It is not necessary for you always to be preoccupied at every minute.

Just be in Me. Rest, work in the patience of love, and give to Me all of yourself. This is what I desire the most from My people. I desire their intimacy in simplicity.

Speak to Me simply, in detail. Tell Me the depth of your inner thoughts. Treat Me as your most secret companion, a companion in Whom you relay all your secrets!

It is most pleasing for Me to receive from you. Nothing means more to Me than to receive all of you. I am a pa­tient God. I am patiently awaiting My comfort from you. Give to Me what is Mine. You are Mine! I will make you forget your pains and give you the joy of everlasting happiness.

Do not place your peace in your brethren, but in Me; for only I can give you Peace. You will become twisted in an unsettling affair if you look to please others for their hap­piness, instead of looking to Me to grace them with a bond of Love. Without Me, no friendship is of any strength! For friendship to have a strong bond, it must have a true bond of Love through a bond to Me.