Vol IV Lesson 45

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World



Volume IV Lesson #45





My dear one, take heart to listen to the way I speak on the beauty of the world. Do not seek that which is of your­self, but that which is of Me. Know that it is at the core of your emptiness that My Love encompasses your flesh of vices and changes your vices into virtues. Blessed is he who hopes in the Lord. Come to Me in word­less songs, and praise the Father for His everlasting Love.

My dear one, I want My people to know that they need to be free of themselves! Be master of the things that are subject to you. Never fall into being slave to them. Be master of your actions in Me, in My love. Look to the heavens, and always seek the Will of the Father. Always seek your help in prayer. Consult the Lord of Heaven, or you will be deceived.

Many of My people think they have found the answers of truth through the experience of life. No truth is found un­less it is grounded in prayer. Why are My people so afraid to acknowledge the need for the help of God through prayer? People become silent to the call of prayer and to the mention of the word. When you say, “You are in my thoughts,” it is not the same as, “You are in my prayers!” Only those who are held in the person’s heart of love through prayer are at an advantage. This is because the action, which is the catalyst for prayer, is love! The virtue of prayer is love. You all form opinions of one another without realizing that all opinions need to be founded in love if they are to prove valuable. How many ways can I continue to express this to My people?

Do not spend wasteful time discussing the mysticism of God’s judgment. This is beyond your understanding; and what can even penetrate into My Father’s judgment? I never said you should argue or debate what is true or not true of My Father’s judgment, because you cannot comprehend it. This does not do good, but only proves useless!

Do not, My beloved people, look down on one another in humiliation. If you look down on one person, it will not bring you glory! If you take from one, you take from Me; for I have made the small and the great. Therefore, let it be made known that all who love their own way, and are caught up in their daily lives, should remain silent in judgment of others because they know not the Way of the Lord! They only know how to gain their own glory against the Truth of the Word of the Eternal God.

Beware not to be a heathen! Regardless of race or church, give to God what is God’s. In the end, with or without you, all that belongs to the Father will be the Father’s!  You gain nothing alone, but everything in Him. Ad Deum.