Vol IV Lesson 46

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Volume IV Lesson #46





My dear one, do not be caught up in yourself because it will only hinder your growth. There is a difference between loving yourself and being self-centered! You need to empty yourself, continually abandoning yourself to the Will of God. Do not chase after the things of this world. Chase only heavenly desires, for everything will perish that is of the world. The more you strip yourself of your own will, the more of yourself you can sincerely give to one another.

Let go of those things you hold bound. Let yourself be free, and you will be free of heart! Then all your oppressions will vanish. Your fear will disappear, and you will experience the joy of purity and intimacy. Do not worry what people say about you. Remember, I can deliver you from any circum­stance caused to harm you.

There is no need to worry what someone will say about you. Everyone must answer to Me for their actions. Anyone who hurts you will only hurt themselves. Do not waste energy on those who harbor hatred and are your enemy because of envy and jealousy. If you exert your energy trying to receive the acceptance of your enemies by pleasing them, you will always lose! They will only sidetrack you and use you for their gain. This is not an act of mercy for you!

Be giving to those open to receive. Be giving to those who cannot give. Be giving to those who are not willing to receive, but have a clean heart. Avoid the evil. I will handle their unfair and deceitful actions. Never be afraid of what others say to you. Simply keep your focus on Me. Do not worry if you experience defeat. I will take care of you and deliver you to freedom. Trust in Me. You wish to trust in yourself over trusting in Me. Those who love the things of the world apart from Me gain nothing, and do not know anything of truth or wisdom.

I am with you in all of your suffering. Persist, and do not give up! Stand firm in your trust of Me over the trust of yourself. I want you to love yourself dearly. I want you to embrace yourself. There is no vision that is of such great im­portance that it would supersede the love I want you to have of yourself. In this way, you love Me. I want this for all My people. I do not desire for you to be self-centered, seeking and chasing the things of this world; but I do desire you to love yourself purely and keep me in sight, surrendering and continually emptying yourself in order to follow the Way of Love, Truth, Hope and Mercy.

Bless you, My dear people. Be at peace.