Vol IV Lesson 47

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #47




My dear one, I, your beloved Jesus, come to meet you; to strengthen you and to speak words of Wisdom and Truth to My people through you. Blessed are they that seek the Way of eternal Truth and Wisdom by putting aside the ways of the world.

Many of My people desire initially the heavenly graces, but soon abandon the heavenly desire for the enticements of the world. Place your investments in the reality of the Eternal Word! I am the Word, for I am. I am the Word made Flesh. In order to always be on the path to righteousness, you must continually decline the falsehoods of deception through the richness of this “man-made” world. This “man-made” richness will never grant you eternal freedom.

Blessed are the wise who seek first the Kingdom of God and will deny the things of the world which would prevent their gain. There are many who begin their journey, but never find the path! They are the ones who speak of the way of goodness, but never practice those ways. There are also the ones who practice half-heartedly My words, selecting those to whom they desire to give themselves. These are the ones who settle for less because they will never gain the entire treasure of the Kingdom. They desire to settle for less, and they will not be able to select the treasure of Heaven!

Then there are My few who do not pay heed to the ways of the world, but pay heed to the Eternal Way of Truth. These are the wise, the ones who give the best of their ability without showing favoritism in their love. They listen to the Word and discern the Will of My Father in their lives, even if they make human mistakes.

Enjoy the fruits of the world, the beauty My Father created, because He created it! His works are good, and He desired the fruits of the land to multiply. But do not be attached to the world. Be attached only to God. Do not take for granted the gifts of the Lord given to you. Be people of virtue, and treasure the Eternal Way.

Your desire for the goodness of My Way must supersede all human desires, for these are the ways of success. It is neces­sary to work always to achieve heavenly bliss. You will never be able to perfect your way, even on My Path! The way of this life is only a breath of the Life of perfection to come!

Live your life now for the true Way of Peace and Joy to be attained through your efforts now in this world. Give of yourself and keep giving of yourself without looking for ac­knowledgment, recognition or repayment from those to whom you give. Simply look to the heavens! Raise your eyes to Me, and I shall fill you so fully that you will overflow with graces and virtues of satisfaction.

Blessed is he who seeks the Truth and Wisdom of Heaven, and not of this world. I love you, My dear one. It is no secret! I love My people. That is no secret! I lived for you a human life, suffered a human death, and experienced human temptations all for humanity. What you experience, I have experienced. The way My Angels waited on Me is the same way My Angels wait on everyone! But trust and have confidence in your love of Me through the love of yourself.

Very few of My people have confidence in their love of themselves because they do not have full confidence in Me. If they did, the way of your world would be a way of love of one another and of peace and of joy, not a world that seeks joy through success, monetary values and power! My people trust in the things that limit the depth of their happiness over the eternal heavenly things that are very real and long-lasting.

My words are Truth. My words are Wisdom. Happy and blessed are they who listen, follow and abandon unto Truth. They are my wise; and to them, more shall be given! Peace, my love. Ad Deum.