Vol IV Lesson 48

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Volume IV Lesson #48





My dear one, you will not be able to endure any hardship unless you have patience! In this world, you need the protection of spiritual weapons because you will never be free from different sorts of misery. Bear all for My sake, but know that you will not always gain the comfort you desire at the time you want it! Even My Saints endured much pain and sorrows. They were tested and also experienced temptations. You will not be any different. It is the same for all My people. Endure these hardships for My sake. Remove yourself and the desire of your self-image, and have confidence in Me.

I will be with you in all your trials. Know that, when you experience anxieties, humiliation, disappointments, difficul­ties, temptations, injuries and sickness, endure them in patience. I will strengthen you in virtue—the graces to be held for those who have confidence and love for Me, those who do not abandon their hope in Me. My Saints all were purified in the same way.

It is so necessary to practice patience. Where are you run­ning that you must hurry to the finish line?

Go at My pace. Face the obstacles on the road with patience and gentleness of self, but in confidence that God will deliver you; and you shall appreciate crossing the finish line far more, because your efforts will leave tracks for your beloved to follow!

Take your time! My people, there is no meaning of time in Heaven; so do not set deadlines on your growth, or you may be passing up the beauty. Fuel is needed to get you to that finish line!! What happens if you think you’ve crossed successfully? What then? You cannot do anything without Me. If you cross, you still have to wait for Me! And after you have raced to that finish line, avoiding and darting around the obstacles instead of enduring them with patience, your journey with obstacles will only begin!

Have confidence in Me. Be at peace and know that all journeys have crosses. They will include disappointments or trials of some sort; but take courage. Move forward in hope and confidence in Me. Give Me more of your love. Give more, more and more! Give through patience, the surrender of love, acceptance and trust.

You want your crown of jewels without sharing in the jewels of the thorns! Take first My thorns, and you will not desire the jewels. Never be distracted from My Love through trusting someone other than Me. Never lose your focus. If you lose it, refocus; because you will not go unwounded if you are not grounded in My Love through patience. I love you, so I teach you to help you, so I can bless you with My virtue.

Be strong and have confidence in your God. Do not run away. Walk slowly! The end of time will not commence with­out Me, and I will wait for you. I’ve been waiting, and I will continue to wait until completely denied.

Peace. Ad Deum.