Vol IV Lesson 49

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Volume IV Lesson #49





My dear one, take these words down for My people. It is important that you look to yourself and your way before you are quick to correct someone! It is necessary to take special care of yourself interiorly. Work at being calm, and see that you remain focused on My Love. In this way, the words of others will not take offense in you but will only be “words.” Why do you let the words of others affect you so? It is because you are still of this world and have not given yourself to Me.

Do not let distractions get in the way of your focus. Habit must overcome habit. Habitually love, and keep your mind fixed on Me. Remember, I see all; and many times circum­stances arise because I desire to see your actions, not when all is well, but in troubled times! I have told you that if you want to advance in spiritual prog­ress, you must put aside all trivial, momentary distractions and have a profound love for Me. Your feelings of aggres­sion will pass, and you will return to a state of equilibrium. When people admonish you and tell you to be careful of your behavior, to be kind and to reflect what is expected of you, do not be offended! Praise the person who admonishes you by thanking them for pointing out the truth in such charity. Even if you already know what has been said to you in your heart, thank the person anyway. It is an act of humility to not take offense.

Do not take to heart what people say. I tell you over and over again that words should not move you one way or the other. If they do, you are seeking to please others and to look towards their affection with fondness. You need to be fully sus­tained in Me. I tell you over and over again! I have mentioned this in previous Lessons. What can mankind do from which I cannot free them and deliver them?

Your mortal life is but a breath of what is to come. But you continue to live in fear of one another. The way of mortal life is one that will always have some type of turmoil because of impurities, so why be disturbed? Seek to be confident and calm, and raise your eyes to the heavens to be governed. Then you will be happy, even in the midst of pain surrounding you. You can be immunized against the ill effects of human judg­ment because I am the judge of righteousness!

Work to maintain equanimity. Change your habits and adopt true habits that remain faithful to the Word. I am the Word made Flesh. Peace, My loved one.  Peace. Ad Deum.