Vol IV Lesson 51

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #51




My dear one, I want My people to now know the importance of simplicity. If your intention is to be good and pure, it must be simple. If you seek My Will and nothing else, you will experience the abode of My Love; and the creations around you will be magnified in My goodness in your emo­tional and interior state.

For a pure heart is one that sees goodness. He, who has a pure heart, will experience joy because that person will see My Hands in the sweetness of creation. But the person who has apathy for himself is one who experiences the anguish of life because he (no specific gender) knows not the state of interior joy. For what God has created is good. The pure soul will see this goodness without difficulty. Taking care of all the little things of the world (for everything has value) in an intention of simplicity, ascends your soul in a transformation of God’s goodness.

As I purify you and make you clean, you may suffer the markings of pain from worldly attachments. Those, who persevere and remain persistent in prayer, saturated in faith move from apathy to courage and are transfigured in the likeness of purity and joy. Life then becomes Life! The fullness of color and the fullness of the senses return to appreciate and to unite in harmony with creation!

My dear one, each person created must stand alone before God the Father!

My Father embraces each person with a Love beyond your comprehension. It is necessary that my people begin to strive for an inner harmony of quiet and peace, allowing the way for the Unity of the Trinity to enter and find rest. Begin through actions of simplicity and openness to necessary detachments from human behavior.

My Peace is with you in all the things of creation in the world. Nothing is worthless! Every creation is of value and magnifies the luminous Love of God.

Ad Deum.