Vol IV Lesson 52

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Volume IV Lesson #52




My dear one, I want My people to know to fear nothing! I watch your heart with great attention. If I am with you, who can dare touch you? In order to do My work, you must relinquish all self-centeredness and seek that which is pleasing to the Will of God. This is how you witness the fruits of the Spirit. I am pleased when, in your simpleness, you share with Me even your fears. This is good. Hide nothing from Me, and you will ascend. Acknowledging your fears is fruitful, realiz­ing that you have nothing to fear from the fear. Taming that fear in My Love allows you to breathe freedom from the control of your crippling fears.

In order for all to be free and grow in humility and to ex­perience the joy of their being in My Love, all must look at their inner state, praying for My grace to address their needs spiritually, physically and emotionally. Nothing is lost except fear! Fear would like to control you and deceive you to think that if you face it, you would lose self-dignity, respect, love of self , and become mindless.

The reality is that when you face fear, it is fear that dissipates. Call your fear. Name your fears, and tame your fears in My Love through gentleness and kindness and, most importantly, through love of yourself. Your energy will then be rerouted anew to a colorful force of joy and happiness within your true self in My Love.

You will see that, through lack of facing your fear, you were losing your love, your control of emotions, your dignity, your respect and the clarity of your thought processes. It is a step all My people need to take, since only few have courageously stepped into the open abyss and persevered in the persistence of faith and love by My gracing help.

You, My dear one, are going through this process; and everything I teach to My people, you must actually live. You must experience each word I speak in order for you to witness My Love to all My people. My people can relate to one who has lived the turmoil, and overcome it, in order for them to listen to any authoritativeness regarding My Love and Mercy. If you did not experience this, all for My people, then your words would only be “words.”

My people are precious, and all need the gentleness of love to replace their fears and brokenness. I am with my people. I hope in My people. I encourage My people to take that leap for love of themselves and their God. I wait for them through you. Give to them My Love through giving of yourself, and My Love will stay with them. I will then mold them Myself. But love conquers through union and harmony; and so, I unite Myself with you for My quest of this love of My people.