Vol IV Lesson 54

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Volume IV Lesson #54





My dear one, there are many times My people come before Me thinking of many things during their prayer. They allow their minds to drift and become distant from the union of their total body. My people need to put aside their thoughts and struggles, and tend to Me by placing their thoughts and all of their mind in the abyss of My Love, as an ocean breeze, allowing Me to refresh them.

You are the outcome of your thoughts! Your thoughts are the place in which you put your desires and the emphasis of your motives. You are where your thoughts are! It is wise to go against the waves of lack of discipline and the uncontrollable thoughts racing through your mind, and focus all your attention on Me. Naturally, this can be bothersome to you, but persevere and do not lose hope. Continue to work at the union of silence of the mind, so that the heart can speak to your mind, instead of your mind speaking to your heart. Much is lost in this way, and the distance traveled is far when the journey from the mind to the heart is accompanied by uncontrollable thoughts.

Seek, always, humility. You must be made a new, whole person. You need to be molded, formed, smoldered, melted, tested and tried many times. So take your time! The time will be My time! It is wise to go against your desires of self-interest. If you truly walk the path of freedom in order to be crowned gloriously, you will prefer the things that follow after My ways and desires, not yours.

Sometimes, it is necessary for you to be obedient to others, following and assisting in things that are uncomfort­able to you. Remember, I am in everything. I work through everything and everyone. If your desires and thoughts are with My desires, then humbly you will patiently endure the purification and remolding of your soul to perfection and ecstatic union with Me.

When you reach the many hills of beauty and green pastures along the way, do not run ahead, but heed to humble your will even further in offering unto Me. For those ascensions are predecessors to further testing, molding and purifying, until the essence of the purity of the gem is magnified within the Being of God the Father, the Son and the Spirit! Until My Will is completely accomplished in you, you will continue to suffer the things of yourself. The inner peace you gain is a grace from Me; and all the richness of your virtues is that which I have given to you, not that which you had from the beginning, obtained through your own efforts toward self-interest.

See that you give to Me fully, entrusting to Me your souls. The graces you will receive will not be short-lived, but will live for all eternity. Therefore, proceed with courage and do not be afraid. I am here with you. Ad Deum.