Vol IV Lesson 55

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Volume IV Lesson #55




My dear one, always look to find quiet space where I can make My abode in you! In order to grow in My grace, you must remove yourself from being the center of attention and, instead, grasp on to Me, allowing Me to overcome you in Myself.

I want My people to dwell in the abyss of My Love. Do not hold on to any attachment of the world, but hold on to Me and overcome this vain self-love. Look towards unity and the ultimate union and harmony of oneness with God.

The world is nothing without Me. You are nothing without Me, but everything with Me. Learn to seek intimate, quiet time with My all encompassing Love. Spend time alone, and allow the reality of My existence to dominate your aloneness, instead of your self-love. Be free of worry and remain clean of conscience. I have careful watch over you. I am not far off in the distance. I want to make My abode totally in you.

Please, My people, in order for Me to grace you abundantly, you must remove your desires of self-centered love, and re­place your self-love with God-centered love in self!

Do not be amused with the thrills of the world at one mo­ment, and then turn to God for graces. Empty yourself, so that I can fill you completely!

I want all of you, and not only in times of your delight! Quiet down. Make a place for Me to be alone with you. Do not feel it is necessary to be kept active at every moment to do that which makes you think you are in union with Me. Be in union with Me by reserving quiet, private time where I can make My abode of Love in you. This is where you grow in humility and in love. Peace.