Vol IV Lesson 58

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Volume IV Lesson #58




My little child, troubles will come and will pass, and they will move in and out of your path like a tide that rolls in at full moon; but do not despair. If you knew the glory to come, you would not complain of your burden now. Even if you look at the saints in the past, they have all now gained the glory of Heaven, but suffered much trouble and difficulties in their mortal lives.

Take all your shortcomings, for one difficulty offered with love and faithful commitment to Me is the greatest grain of the harvest. You know I have kept a watchful eye over you and notice your novice actions of despair. I keep watch over all My dear ones in commitment of My Love for you. Now, at moments when you feel trapped and confused, you lose sight of calling on Me. You submerge yourself in self-pity.

Take pride in your God! Be silent. Be patient and endure all burden, for it is delegated through the Hand of God. Nothing will happen that God’s Hand is not also there.

You must be beautiful inside in order to be beautiful outside! Only He, Who has created you, knows what you need most to make you into perfected instruments. I use people and various other sources, all related in one form or another to you, to purify you. Your response dictates your progress. All my people are novices in this life, no matter what age, no matter what experience or wisdom is given. You will never achieve the experience of knowledge of the mystical Kingdom until you dwell in My House, face to face in ecstatic union with the Trinity. Even your most well-known scholars are novices, for no one knows perfection until total union exists with the Divinity in each of you.

So once again, I ask you to be patient. Go slowly, and trust in Me. It is at these moments of hardship that your commitment in faith and the direction of your love is most needed to be tempered and focused on Me. You are important vessels of love in this world. Take courage, and do not despair; for what awaits you in Heaven will overcome all moments of hardship now. Believe in Me!