Vol IV Lesson 60

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Volume IV Lesson #60


The Feast of the Assumption




My dear one, today is a Feast, which not only the Church celebrates, but one I celebrate. My Mother, “Blessed” because she trusted in the Word revealed to her, is gloriously now Queen of Heaven. The Angels sing praises to her with the words, “Blessed be God forever.”

Happy are My people who walk in the same trust and faith by which My Mother lived. All My people are invited to begin to walk in the way of trust. She lived in a world of struggle and turmoil, but remained faithful to the Word revealed to her by the Angel Gabriel. She lived the tidings of the message of joy, in joy; and all the ages call her “Blessed”!

Remember to walk simply, loving as she did, focusing on Me; and your peace will dwell within, even in the midst of struggle, suffering, confusion and turmoil, both physical and internal. The way to live is as an empty vessel, waiting for Me to fill you.

I came and did not put Myself on the level of My Father, but emptied Myself unto Him to fulfill the Word in humility! Empty also yourselves, and remain faithful to the Word. Trust that the Word will be fulfilled in you; and you also will reign in the Heavenly Court of glorious joy and live forever in ecstatic union with the Trinity.

The walk is the point of beginning. Wherever you walk, you walk into new beginnings. It also becomes a finish line; for where you pass, you begin anew and pass in final victory! The finishing point becomes the place of beginning. The place of beginning results in completion! That is why I say, ‘Live in the moment’. The moment becomes the beginning to an end, and the moment ends with a new beginning!

Victory in God results in trust. Trust ends in victory. Victory begins a new moment in God. Union is the all-encompassing moment of the beginning and the end. Being one, your being proclaims the greatness of God.

God is the Beginning and the End. Union is the Oneness, the Beginning, the End, the Alpha, the Omega, He Who is each moment!

Happy is she, My Mother, Our Queen, for she trusted in the Word. She listened to the Word, and acted upon it in union with trust, and ended in victory. The point of Assumption finished with a new beginning, ongoing in unity for your victory in Me, the place of beginning ending in victory and union for you.

Your being now proclaims the greatness of God through trust in the Word. Give praise, as the Angels, “Blessed be God forever.” God lives in the moment, the beginning, the end! Peace, My little one. Ad Deum.