Vol IV Lesson 62

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #62




My dear little one, the time of Satan’s reign is ending and, soon this world will know that the God of Glory truly exists! All deceptions will be put aside, for the Truth of God’s reign will be revealed. Soon all will realize that their current stresses and worries are irrelevant and trivial compared to what is to come at the destruction of your own hands.

I have told you to be merciful and to love yourselves. This is because you will be judge of your own future. Those who are merciless now will not be able to be merciful to themselves.

I have told you to love your neighbor as yourself. You are proving through your actions that love does not exist. You cannot love your neighbor because you do not love yourself. Those few who do love themselves and reach out in love to others are met with injustice, ingratitude and condemnation.

I ask you to return to Me and to trust in Me, and you continue to distrust and fear. Where is your loyalty to God’s Will? You limit the amount of graces you receive. It is of your own doing, not Mine! You place limits and restrictions on yourself!

I have been teaching and giving you My words of hope in this grace period so that you would listen and believe Me through My prophets of this Age. If you do not believe by now, no wonder or sign will change your heart. Your free will, from the beginning, dictates your behavior. How would you have Me proceed now, child? (Jesus talked to me here personally, and I petitioned Him for His Mercy.) My child, you bind My hands with your prayers.

I will listen to you and to the ones I see within the next year and one half who come with open, loving and merciful hearts. Tell My people this, and urge all to commence sincere loving and restoration of dignity and honesty now! I no longer want your “words.” I want your hearts of purity. Begin being fair with one another and merciful. Stop your gossip and evil plots against one another.

I will no longer endure your behavior any further. Listen to those I send. Listen! Listen and change your ways to walk the path of purity. Soon you will all see your own deception. I repeat:  the way of life of your brothers and sisters is to be of LOVE, MERCY, RESPECT, DIGNITY, COMPASSION AND HONESTY. This is all I wish to say. Ad Deum.