Vol IV Lesson 63

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Volume IV Lesson #63





My dear one, I wish for My people to know that there are no limits that can prevent you from receiving infinite value. You are free in Me so that your desires in Me can freely reign, without limits, without boundaries. Demand the Infinite for your hearts to be free, and I will fill them. I will not deny you. In fact, I will show you how to find what you desire!

You prevent yourself from growth. You limit yourself from attain­ing. This life now in the present moment, in My Love, has the richness of immeasurable graces. You dictate how much you allow yourself to receive. The more you love, the more you will want, and the more you will receive.

God’s desires to fill your hearts would fill an ocean. The more you succumb to God’s Will, the more you will sub­merge yourself into this ocean. You need to walk in faith, hope, trust and love. If you walk by faith, the senses will be stripped of false hopes and will no longer seek the things of the world, created by human hands. You then live by faith! You abandon unto it; and then, the power of My grace will soar to aid you.

As for love, love has no boundaries. The breadth and depth of the ocean leads only to a large opening to the Way of Love. The walk of love is refined from within. When you release it, it carefully searches where to rest. Committed to you, it returns faithfully to you. The more you release, the more that shall come back to you, immeasurable, all-encom­passing.

As your senses are stripped of the created things, stand firm in faith. Faith becomes the endless source, the har­bor where love dwells; and you abandon yourself to Divine Providence, to the mouth of the ocean. Here in abandonment can you embrace your whole being in God. This can only be prompted by Love.

When you abandon unto Me, I insure that your union with and in Me is complete. Only My Will can only satisfy you! How to follow My Will is identified in the daily whisper, as you partake in your activities. Daily self-surrender and inspiration through others and yourself, reveal My Will. Every moment is special. I use channels of love to reveal the Will of My Father.

What I arrange for you is holy, so accept and seek after My holiness with thirst! Look at the actions, the responsibilities, the shadows of the moment; and there, you will find Me in love, revealing the Will of God in Love! Peace. Ad Deum.