Vol IV Lesson 64

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Volume IV Lesson #64




My dear one, My people are seeking ways to belong to God, but there is really only one Way. Utilize that which He gives to you, and everything will lead you to live in union with the Trinity. Everything is in the hands of My Father, and all will be well with you if you trust in Him.

Accept everything with joy, and allow My Love to guide you. I will guide you to perfection. Avoid sin and that which distracts you from prayer and love! First and foremost, seek God. If something leads you from prayer, or does not fit in your prayer life, then do not seek after it. I direct you through every part of your being, and you must use the grace of your senses (as I direct) to keep your body working in the grace of God.

Leave everything in the hands of God and be at peace. Value that which I offer to you. If you abandon yourselves to My Will, I will help you, even if you feel you have lost My support! Acknowledge that you cannot be holy through your own efforts!!

My dear people, I speak of love, as I continue to love you and embrace your being. I can turn your darkness into light at a moment’s notice. Follow through in trusting and living in faith.

Some may have visions or revelations or interior voices, but beneath them lie the  perfection of faith which is to be shared with all. Their faith contains these graces, since all who know Me, live in Me and in everything. All graces and virtues are revealed in order to be inspirational to others.

Look to your day and the events with which you are faced. Seek My Will by living simply, focusing on loving and trusting that all is in God’s hands. I am truly guiding you if you trust that I am. This is self-abandonment to the Providence of God. All will be well by your trust and efforts to be self-giving in love. There is no need to chase after the things you think are necessarily beyond your reach. That which is My Will is within reach, and doors to the path will be opened for you to walk through.

Be at peace and live as you are, in your love, in Me. Ad Deum.