Vol IV Lesson 65

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Volume IV Lesson #65




My dear one, when I ask My people to say “yes” and follow My Will, I am asking for their acceptance of their day to day tasks, as they are faced with them. To follow My Will entails saying “yes” to doing your best, with enthusiasm, to that which is put before you on a daily basis. Days you perceive some task as trivial may be important for your sanctity!

I want My people to know that I lay the foundation before them. If they pay little attention to the things they encounter every day, they will be avoiding fulfilling My Will! Each person is precious; and it is the small, daily routines which are very much a part of My Will.

Do not wait for a grand gala! My people ask Me continu­ously, “What is the Will of God?” and say, “I will do whatever the Lord asks of me.”

The Will of God is before them in their day to day activities. If there is something more I desire, then the Holy Spirit will inspire you and motivate you in other ways. First, pay heed to that which needs attending to in your life. It seems many of My people have different opinions as to what the Will of My Father is for them, and so they at­tempt to seek after greater achievements beyond their simple daily functions in order to “follow” Me. Hence, they become discouraged and fatigued. If I desire you to walk a different path than where you are at this present moment, I will make that known to you. Options and opportunities will arise. Your choice in selection should be the one that is centered around a prayerful life, one that is a peaceful decision and a decision completely surrendered into the palms of the hands of God.

I wanted today, child, to make clear this way of “following the Will of God.” The way is quite a simple way, not always easy, but fulfilling and with long lasting virtues. Do not try to develop your way which you think would be more pleasing to Me! What is pleasing to Me is when you live day to day with the challenges and opportunities to live My Will presented for you, with acceptance, enthusiasm and peace of heart.

Thank you for your attention, My dear people, and know that I tell you that I am with you always because I am with you at every moment in all that you do daily, in My Will, in My Heart, in My Love! Do not seek after Me in places other than those which are put before you daily. Be at peace and never forget the Truth of My Love. Ad Deum.