Vol IV Lesson 66

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #66




My dear one, those who come to Me with complete openness are surrounded by My Love. To love Me, in that very moment you come to Me in openness, establishes an intimate relationship. No matter what ails you at that mo­ment, you are attentive to listening and giving of yourself to Me. Your love, when it is so strong, will bind to itself, and be united to Me. There is no freedom in this love united to Mine in the moment because I want all of your love!! The effects, however, of this love are an everlasting freedom and peace of mind, body and soul. The grace of this love becomes the center of purity.

How great those who know love and bond in unity to love! My Love, and the action of My Love, is boundless in its scope to free your soul and fill your emptiness. This also supports My words that My Will is always in the present moment in the body and soul. They pay no attention to their condition, but know My Love, alone, sustains them.

You need nothing else when you possess My Love!

I am teaching My people the fundamental tools of love and freedom through possession of Love. No controls live by love, but love lives in itself! Control only hides and en­tangles the channels through which love flows. You develop new attitudes through the reality of My Love, even though you may not comprehend the operations of love. Follow love as a child’s freedom and grace. If you follow Me, there is nothing to fear; and in love, you are fearless.

Love will disentangle your false confidences and free you, comfort you, secure you and grace you in sanctifica­tion. My Love will burn in you, and you will develop charm and fitness in your existence. Then love will not deny you, for you no longer live in your controls, but in freedom from control! If you are devoted to Me in My Love, your heart will become My treasure.

Blessed is he who empties himself to know love. These are My words today for My people, today and every day, the beginning to the end!

Love is like a running stream. It flows and moves, refresh­ing and singing songs of joy. Peace, My dear one, and love. Ad Deum.