Vol IV Lesson 67

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #67




My dear one, it is time for another Lesson for My people.

When you totally abandon your will to God, you are able to embrace all of your spirituality, and you are then able to do what pleases Me. If you give to Me all of yourself, you would take little interest in devastations to come, but would instead, submit to everything and leave all to Me! It is no business of yours to be preoccupied in fearful events. I would like you, instead, not to adopt any line of action or be preoc­cupied with attachments to things of little control as it relates to nature.  Leave all to me! Be free, and offer your soul to Me in obedience, love and reconciliation.

Renounce anything that leads you away from embrac­ing every kind of spirituality. Quietly follow the impulse which comes from Me, directing you and inspiring you. I am molding you to be strong in the faith and have confidence in yourself through the security and freedom of My Love. When you are strong, you can then be meek in spirit.

I would like My people to carefully tend to their duties every day; and if they submit peacefully to My graces, then they will be giving to Me in total abandonment! This type of surrendering is also self-giving and self-rewarding, unlimited in its values and effects!

I am with you all the time, not to prepare you for destruc­tion, but to free you now in love. I meet the demands of each day; and when I find a soul that is pure, I make Myself known to it. I do not want My people to fear! When they hear of world disasters, they fear.

You do not fear, Gianna, because you are procuring your relationship with Me through love of purity and a surrender to fulfilling daily functions in simplicity. This is My desire for all My people. Pass on the fundamental tools I have taught you about living in faith. Teach all My people as I have taught you. Every step all God’s people take under My command is victory.

I wish to say these final words in this Lesson to My people. Know that you are guided and sustained by the Almighty, and that you are called to be full of peace and joy, not fear! Everything brought before you is not meant to destroy you ! Everything is revealed in God’s Plan and His Holy Book.