Vol IV Lesson 68

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Volume IV Lesson #68




My dear little one, I want to teach My people again. It is best to receive My knowledge personally by the sim­plicity of facing each moment in peace! This is how you gain whatever knowledge I wish to teach you. Each person receives personal teachings, and this comes directly from the Holy Spirit in moment to moment circumstances. My Love for My people is great, and I am the only authority to make you holy.

It is through resignation of your will that I am able to abun­dantly give to you My knowledge.  It is through the freedom of your free will, which I respect and will never force with the grace of My Truth.

Day by day I come to all in the very humblest and simplest ways of peace. Those involved in wicked ways are still able to be freed (because I have conquered evil) by calling out to Me for help. I can turn wickedness into love, for I am God and I am Love. I work through everything and everyone. Even through hardship and wicked ways, good can prevail. I want my people to be at peace with this call to holiness, to living moment to moment, day by day.

Be at peace. Do not fear. Put aside anxiousness, impatience and frustrations. Look to Me and strive only to follow Me, and all the rest shall be taken care of for you. When you see people walking ways of confusion and being deceived by falsehoods, pray for them! Pray for Truth. Pray for an awakening and protection; but also, pray for yourselves to remain focused on Me. Be gentle with those people with whom you are frustrated.

I am Holy; and only I know the depth of the incentives of your heart, so can therefore work good out of these situations. Remain whole in your relationship with Me first, above all; and then your love, gentleness and humble way will speak from a distance to all in need.

I bless you, and I bless all My people. Never fear that wick­edness will overpower and take all! I am the Way; and all that is, I have power over in the fruitful season!

Peace. Love. Ad Deum.