Vol IV Lesson 7

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Volume IV Lesson #7




My dear child, I came today to talk to My beloved people about shame. My people think they know what love is, but they do not embrace the love because they do not love themselves. The underlying cause is shame. Those who are sure to diagnose lack of love on their brethren are the first to have shame rooted deep within themselves disguising their own lack of love.

What is shame? When the soul is created, it is created good in the light of truth, and purity exists. Man, through the venomous poison of judgment and resentfulness, places guilt and charges a victim, placing despair and embarrass­ment through humiliation upon the soul. The soul flees to safety, masking its charges, whether guilty or innocent, by avoiding the accusation and placing reason on another issue or even charging another person of some guilt! The soul is revealed without compassion or love, is buried deep, and insult topples injury; and the soul cannot love because it is faced with humiliation from lack of acceptance from mankind. It is the norm of the society which exists throughout the world.

My people are not happy. They search for freedom by changing employment or habitation, in hopes of finding peace, joy and acceptance. But before man can be accepted by men, he must first accept himself and allow My Love to cleanse him, heal him and dwell in him.

Do not let the affluent people, who attach glory with wealth, fool you into thinking they love themselves because they are accepted into society by society standards!! I assure you, these are the people who seek the most acceptance and are least loved by man outside of their monetary value. These are My people who place shame on others because of the shame which dwells within them! These are My people who do not love themselves with the love of which I speak. These are My people who cannot be alone to face My Love and healing, for they escape the truth.

Shame comes from the values instilled in man by man, instead of loving. Shame leads to chemical dependency, abuse and self-destruction because of self-humiliation, lack of acceptance, lack of love and embarrassment.

I call all of mankind to restore the components of love, mercy, compassion, respect, dignity and honesty. Peace to you, My dear one.  Pray that love, through simpleness with­out conditions, will return through the openness of mankind. Blessings.   Ad Deum.