Vol IV Lesson 70

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume IV Lesson #70




My dear child, it has been quite some time that I have delayed in speaking more words to My people. It is only because it has been a time of grace, watching them grow and respond to My call.

My dear one, there have been so many of My people who still question My Lessons of guidance and Truth. Many of My beloved ones read My words as an inspirational tool, a medita­tion piece, even though they may not believe that My words are actually “My words.”

I am giving these Lessons for all My people, not as a medita­tion piece, but because I desire action, and for all My beloved ones to begin to live My words. I have not been sent by My Fa­ther to be a sidetrack for a meditation reading! I have been sent because He has allowed Me to teach words of Truth, of Life.

During this period of tribulation, crime, war and struggle, I ask My people to be “Warriors of Christ.”  Put on your armor of My Love and the Seal of the Cross to fight for purity and good­ness; and your sword will be the sword of love. That is the way to salvation.

My people, these times are times in which the evil one has asked My Father to be allowed to rule. It is a time granted by My Father, because the evil one has belief that you will follow his way, instead of desiring the Truth and Light of My Father. My Father granted him a very short period in which His people would have, once again, the choice of following the way of the world over the Way of Him. I ask you to persevere and to be strong soldiers. This war is not a war of people, but a war in the heavens.

Come, My dear beloved disciples, and place your heart into My Father’s hand.  Focus on Him! He is the Truth and the Light, and the only Way to happiness. I ask you to be alert and always on guard to the evil one’s deceiving way. He does not want you in order to give you happiness! He wants only to destroy all joy of life and your future of everlasting peace. Beware!

Place Me at the center of your life, and you will enjoy life to its fullest. Now in this time period of much interior and exterior struggle, there is hope, because I am here with you. But you have free will. You decide. I will never mandate the law of devotion. I give you Me; and, if you are willing in the silence of the mysticism of My Father’s works, you will be happy—happy in accordance to His time!

Remember, My people, that there is much you cannot see! You may think you know the best way for you, but only My Father knows where your happiness lies! There, place all your trust in Him and utilize the gifts of your mind: prudence, logic and reasoning. Be at peace and do not despair, especially in these times of struggle.

I have prepared you all to be soldiers of Christ. You need to pray!  Pray at home, not only in designated areas. Your homes are tabernacles of My Love because your bodies are the living temple! I dwell in you.

I need you, My people, to pray, and not to be upset every time something happens in your most immediate mortal life.

I am your Life, and I am your happiness. Pray to Me. Sit with Me. Love Me. Listen to Me. Talk to Me. Give to Me all of you!

You will be protected from evil.  But if you continue to be uncertain, you will fall prey to evil because the evil only wants you to be completely isolated and unhappy, and to dwell for the rest of your life in sorrow and pain!

Procure your relationship with Me, and be free. Your soul’s future depends on this time of choice! Be at peace, knowing that in the midst of the present hap­pening,  My hand is guiding you who truly desire safety. Even when you think I have abandoned you, I am with you, guiding you, not only to safety, but to a place of ultimate bliss! Satan’s reign is only short. He told My Father that no one will desire to follow His Way because the people desire their freedom of mortal life, and to live by the way of mon­etary measures.

My Father told him that those who are chosen will follow only the Way of Light, but Satan is convinced that he can prove My Father wrong due to “free will”!

So My dear ones, the war is in the heavens, but you are all subject to its effect, because Satan wants you as victims. My Mother continues to pray for you and to teach you of life’s true happiness, that of surrendering and living as whole per­sons through simpleness, devotion and commitment in purity to God.

I will never leave you. I will continue to bless you with My Spirit to protect you and help you in times of your need. I love you.

Peace, My dear people. Come now to pray with me. It’s time to put on your armor.

Ad Deum!