Vol IV Lesson 71

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Volume IV Lesson #71




My dear little one, I would like to speak about spirituality. This last Lesson before My Lesson on “Mercy” is needed so that My people fully understand what Mercy entails.

I am your God Who loves; and I am with My people at all times, even when they think that they are all alone. The entire movement of signs and spiritual experiences, initiated by My Divine touch, is to take you away from yourselves! For you to ascend, it is necessary that you rely only on faith in Me, and not on the experience.

I bless my people with aridity so that they are not preoc­cupied with their position on the spiritual path! When I strip you of the illumination of experiences, then the real insight you have is lived out in your life, revealing My Presence. It at times can be painful, but it is far better for you not to focus on your spiritual image.

Your spiritual image has no value, if you hope for ful­fillment in yourself over Me! Spiritual image cannot matter more than God!  All must learn to rely on God, and not on themselves. All desire to have pleasures of joy, happiness and possessions. I desire also for you to prosper! You can achieve these by seeking God alone and by putting aside your own satisfaction in directly seeking these pleasures.

I wish to bring you to fulfillment by a way that I have de­signed specifically for you. You will find yourselves by losing yourselves. A detached heart has great joy and comfort, and knows pure love in all that there is, both human and Divine. In order for you to receive all that I wish to give you, you must empty yourselves.

Even My people who have made progress spiritually are often times at a distance in understanding how critical it is that I be at the center of their lives!

I call all to a deep dimension of faith because this is where true union with God exists. This is where you ascend in prayer. The Church does not place too much weight on il­lumined experiences for this reason. Faith is movement. It is the living faith which allows you to make progress moving from the finite world into the infinite Being of God.

Therefore, My people, when your feelings are lost, when you have no desire for God because you are constrained and your will is arid, when you think you are incapable of spiritual advancement, know you are in a healthy place. So do not be upset or worried!  I will make you free.

You are entering this stage in your journey of a profound encounter with God. My virtue of Hope will direct you and keep you very happily poor, so that you can receive all that My Father desires at every moment of every step in your journey. You are all created for union with God! This does not develop automatically. Because of free will, you need to choose to allow God to develop it. I live within you and offer Myself to you in love.

Peace, My little one, peace to you. Peace to all. I live within all. Bless you all in My Love.   Ad Deum.