Vol V Lesson 13

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Volume V Lesson #13

In private chapel at home

July 31, 1995





My dear little one, I love my people and desire all to have a deep peace rooted in the virtues of charity and love.  I desire all My people to know Me and to know how much love I have for them and their happiness.  It is My desire to give to My people.  All is created in this world and orchestrated with great love for them.  I am abounding in love.  My grace is bountiful.  I give My words now in this time period for all My people to know that My love is consistent and will always remain the same.  Little one, even if all should forget you, I shall never forget you.  I shall always love you and care for you.  I shall always remember My people, love them and care for them.


Do not be preoccupied with things and issues of yourself, but focus all attention on your Jesus.  I am your Savior.  Do not lose the moment by dwelling on a topic regarding yourself. Look to Me and see all the wonders of creation I have set before you.  Do not lose the moment by thinking about issues centering around your very self.  Just live and be happy in the simplicity of My love.  Reflect on all the good and wondrous marvels I created for your happiness.  Time in this world continues on with you or without you.  Enjoy the time of life in My love.  My mercy is endless.  Broaden your scope and horizon by focusing on the breadth and depth of My unconditional love, My love for you, My gifts for you, My treasures for you, My mercy for you and My life given in love for you.  There is so much that I have given to you and created for you.  I want for all souls to be happy.  I do not want one soul to be lost.  But if you focus on yourself and issues centering around you, you will miss the moment of wondrous gifts set before you and created for you.  Broaden your horizons by looking beyond the scope of yourself to that which is Divine.  Look to the ocean of My mercy, to the refreshing waters of life, the sounds of encouragement, and  to the invitations and challenges to spiritual maturity.  All for you, My people, all for you!


I love you and desire you to seek refuge in My Most Sacred Heart, to be safe and happy.  Please listen to My words and plea for your happiness.  Very few desire to listen to Me and take seriously My words and invitation to love.  Your way IS NOT the way to your happiness.  My Way IS for you and IS for your happiness.  Peace.



End of Lesson #13.