Vol V Lesson 16

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Volume V Lesson #16

In Assisi

September 9, 1995





My dear little one, I speak to many of My people awaiting a response of love.  I desire for all people to unite and to love and to live in harmony, yet the forces of evil cause division when there is no response in faithfulness to My Word.  My love alone sustains all people.  Without My love nothing could exist.  My love speaks to all people, but not all have chosen the Way.  So I speak to many of My people in different forms, and I await a response in simplicity and faithfulness.  Today in this age there is much chaos and confusion because of great division.  The intellect makes a conscious effort to excel in power and control.  I am looking for those who desire to be little children and for those who will guard My Word through faithfulness, love in action, and complete satisfaction in surrendering to Divine Providence.  Very few of My people have chosen this route, yet My Mother, your Mother of the living, chose this simple little Way and Her power exceeds that of all creatures.  Her consciousness did not gain Her power through Her intellect, but Her unconscious union with the Spirit in love and faithfulness gained Her title of Queenship over mankind.  Her feminine simplicity, Her “fiat”, and Her fidelity to God were the bonds of unity and bridge of life for all of mankind.  In Her resided the purity of all life, and through Her “fiat” came forth salvation for all mankind.


Why do I seek those who are little children in simpleness and yet of little influence?  Because they listen and are totally dependent on Me.  In their dependency stems a solid mature spiritual character, one different and unique from each other and all people.  They march valiantly in the wisdom of silence of the heart, a silence where love dwells and peace resides.  The voice of their prayers slays the dragons of evil and those who desire violence and destruction.  I love My little ones and invite all to follow the way of littleness as that of My Mother, so secure in Her fidelity to follow God at all costs without consolation or promises.  I desire children of hope, those who will continue to fight the battle through prayer and little ways regardless of the current events of the world.  They have hope always, for My little ones have Me.  I do not desire My children to pray and then give up their prayers because they do not see the results they desire.  The battle is in the heavens against evil, and much prayer, fidelity to faithfulness, and simplicity in surrendering to God  are the powerful tools of victory.  Unity is what is needed.  Peace is needed.  All people need to join in peace and unity.  But evil forces chase away those who are weak in prayer.  The time of victory is for God alone to choose.  When many of My little children see continual division and brokenness, they begin to doubt whether their prayers are to any avail.  Consequently, they stop praying because of their lack of faith and trust in My Word.  I do not desire those to surrender prayer because they have not seen the results they desire.  Never surrender prayer!  Surrender your heart in love for My Word to Me and pray, pray, pray!  The battle will be won through prayer and unity.  Be persistent hope-filled children.  Have perseverance and hope in your God of love.  Do not settle for less.  Do not allow your consciousness to convince you to stop praying.  Master all feelings through endurance and perseverance.  Pray, pray, pray!  Remain faithful and hope in My love!  Peace, little one.  My peace I give to My people.



End of Lesson #16