Vol V Lesson 19

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Volume V Lesson # 19

In Assisi

September 12, 1995





My dear little one, God the Father is loving and wise.  Many of My people have a wrong image of My Father.  That is because you cannot go to the Father except through Me.  All who know Me know the Father.  Few people truly know My Father.  I take each person to the Father when it is the proper time.  The Father desires to have an intimate relationship with all people, but in order to love the Father it is necessary to love Me.  In order to love Me it is necessary to love life, to love all people, and to walk the path of My Word, Truth, and Light.  The path I walked was designed by My Father.  To know Him is to know His path and to cherish it.  I am the Path to My Father.  I am the Truth and the Light for the world.  Those who receive Me receive Him Who sent Me.


Wisdom comes through loving and simplicity.  Wisdom penetrates the heart in the silence of prayer.  Those who fear God in all humility have received the first grace of wisdom, for God is all-powerful and all-knowing.  Those who are reverent are also wise.  Wisdom leads to knowledge of His love and the comfort of His intimate protection.  Those who do not believe God exists have no fear of Him.  This is their foolishness being exemplified through their lack of knowledge.  True knowledge in God sustains a “holy” fear of Him because what is realized is the little amount of knowledge one has compared to Him.  Those who do not believe God exists believe they are all-knowing and righteous.  They become calloused and arrogant instead of humble and meek.  They become weak, yet they think they have gained power.


The less you realize you know, the more you gain from My heavenly Father; for in your humility you allow Him to grace you with the knowledge of His love.  To know Him is to love Him.  Wisdom gains you knowledge.  To know Him is to be wise.  To be wise is to love.  To love is to be One with Me.  To be One with Me is to be One with My Father, for We are One.  My Father has so much to give.  His love is endless.  He is tender and kind and comforts all in their pain.  Yet few seek Him and few desire to have a truly personal relationship with Him because they keep their distance from Me.  There is nothing that God will not forgive in His merciful love when a repentant heart asks for His mercy and forgives himself.  Those who seek God’s mercy are humble and they enter the gateway to wisdom and holiness.  To seek His mercy is to have a “holy” fear.  I lead all to the Father and I show mercy when approached with a sincere heart.  Many are so distant and many choose not to know Him.  There are many who are afraid to come to Me even after I have told them of My mercy and My Father’s love.  My Father has so much to give to His little children who desire to be dependent on Him and trust Him.  I invite all to come to Me so I can take all to My Father.


Pray, little one, for all people to desire the truth and love of God the Father.  Their image of the Father will change when they gain wisdom and come to know Him.  Pray, little one, pray.  For My Father is Good and gives all that is good.  He gives life.  He has given the greatest Gift of Me to all.  Peace this day.



End of Lesson #19.