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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume V Lesson #2

At Villa St. Michael in front of the Blessed Sacrament

November 25, 1994





My dear little one, PEACE is with you.  I am PEACE.  I am the WAY, the TRUTH. and the LIFE.  In ME all good things come.  In ME all life exists.  I am LOVE.  Without LOVE life ceases to exist.


Today, little one, I wish to speak of the Eternal Father’s love and the power which belongs to the children of the world.  It is in their innocence, their purity and their weakness that the power of God lives.  The salvation of humanity shall come through the little children.  The Eternal Father responds and hears the cries of His children.  It was through the “yes” of My Mother that the Church was born.  It is through the “yes” of the little children that the salvation of humanity shall come and peace will exist.  The little children hold great power in their “littleness”.


Tell all the little children they are invited to be instruments of My peace.  Form an army with nests of prayer.  Be consecrated to My Mother’s Immaculate Heart which will triumph.  Pray in your families, neighborhoods, and privately.  Do little penances for the Father in love, and adore the Holy Trinity through devotion to the most Blessed Sacrament.  I wish to make it clear that all My children are invited to belong to Me.  My Father awaits their love.  I invite all parents to encourage My little children to pray and to love.  Teach your little ones in My love to avoid all things that would cause confusion or foster violence.  I need you My dear loved ones, the parents of My little children.  Do you not see that it is the children who can save the world through their little ways, their purity, innocence, simpleness, prayers, and weakness?  My Father takes the little ones, the pure ones, the weak ones, the innocent ones, and gives them power to do great works through their prayers and simple little ways.  He makes it clear that His grace is fulfilled.  The little children work for the glory of God, not their own glory.  They are forgiving and totally dependent on His care.  My Father never fails to respond to any little child who cries out to Him.  The sweetness of the Eternal Father lovingly caresses in His bosom all the little children of the world and nourishes them.  He is NOT a fearful, distant Father.  He is loving, tender, and filled with love.  He desires to give to His children.


Have the children pray for the sick, the lonely, the persecuted, the poor and the broken hearted.  Have the little children pray for peace.  They are hungry for love and will be filled with the suckling milk of God the Father.  The little children are searching.  Introduce them to His love.  Their “yes” will open the heavens, and rays of light and graces will pour forth.  My Mother will care for them and teach them in their “yes” how to prepare for battle; and the little children will fight the death of evil and be victorious in their “yes” through their love, penance, littleness, purity, and innocence.  As the battle was once engaged in the heavens and the angel Lucifer was cast out from the heavens, so too will the battle again engage; and if they say “yes”, the children will be victorious, casting out the death of evil.


Invite the children to PEACE.  Invite all My children.  My Father is waiting for their “yes”.  The heavens are waiting to be opened by the little children of the world.  In gaining peace they will save humanity.



End of Lesson #2.