Vol V Lesson 23

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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World


Volume V Lesson #23

In private chapel at home

October 6, 1995





My dear little one, My words I give to My people are in hopes that they will realize the breadth and depth of My love for them.  Many of My people feel unworthy because they are weak in virtue and imperfect in love.  My life was for them and My love is theirs.  Evil influence and weaknesses of the flesh continually crash as waves on the soul to distract and persuade it that I am a vengeful God.  The fact and truth is that I am merciful, forgiving, compassionate and understanding.  The  opportunity is there for My beloved ones to utilize.  This opportunity is within their reach and it entails a humbling of the inner self, accepting their weaknesses and turning to Me in confidence and trust for strength and mercy.  The soul is revived and the Breath of Life gains for them the strength to persevere.  All my people are special to Me.  Each soul was created to love and to give God great glory.  In giving God glory they in turn are sanctified and purified so that they may receive the same glory.  I do not desire My loved ones to be downtrodden, troubled or discouraged; for I am a God of hope.  I do not desire My loved ones to feel that they will not be able to possess eternal life and therefore become more distant from My love.  These temptations only have one agenda, and that is to weaken them further and widen the gap between the truth of My love for them and their position.


Come, all My loved ones.  I will not reject you.  Draw near to My  most merciful Sacred Heart.  I desire to fill you with strength and hope and to encourage you to open your hearts to an intimate relationship.  When you recognize your sinfulness and weakness but turn to Me humbly for mercy, I bless you, teach you and give you the power to rise to the limits of compassion and love for self.  This gives God great glory when the soul recognizes that alone it merits nothing, but through God merits eternal life.  For in Him all power is gained.  This littleness is a dependency of trust and it surrenders unconditionally at all times and in all circumstances and situations to God’s will.  Simpleness of life and satisfaction in God’s designs lend to the achievement of great heights in your sanctification.  I did not give My life in vain.  I gave my life for all people.  I desire all to know that I am here and I am not distant.  But I am waiting for My beloved people to allow Me to be Who I Am, for I cannot change to meet their needs or change to their liking.  I am a God of love, and all My works can only end in love.  When I begin to change situations of great need in peoples’ lives, it seems at first the situation becomes more hopeless.  That is because the circumstance initially commenced and was controlled at a human level.  I, in turn, must weed out the bitter fruit so that all will blossom with the sweetness of honey.  However, many of My people prevent Me at that point to continue to prune the garden.  They pull the reigns of control, and out of fear they take back what they initially gave to Me.  They do not trust Me.  Instead, I desire them to remove themselves even further and to trust that My mercy will prevail and that ultimately great works of goodness will surface.


Tell My people, little one, that I am a God of trust and that I can be trusted with the most hopeless situations, only to reap the most promising victories.  I bless and love all My people.  Trust Me.  Do not feel ashamed, unworthy or hopeless.  I will save you and protect you if you will allow Me.  The risk is in your hands.  The decision is yours, for I have given you free will.  I await to assist you at your call.  Come, draw near.  I am your Jesus of Mercy.  Peace.



End of Lesson #23.