Vol V Lesson 24

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Volume V Lesson #24

In St. Maria Goretti Church, Scottsdale, Arizona

October 13, 1995





My little one, the daily journey of life entails a variety of emotional valleys and hills, valleys of sorrow and hills of joy.  I your Jesus of Mercy walk with My people on their journey, when invited.  Even though the tide changes and ways of life change for many people, I remain the same, for I am God.  My Word remains the same, for I am the Word.  I am Love, and I can only love.  I love all My people.  Even though all the world may turn against you and forget you, I will always love you and never forget you.  The measure of love that I have for all My people is greater than the sands of the earth.  No small deed of mercy, love, charity or compassion goes unnoticed.  All are accounted for in My Kingdom.  Even though the flesh dies, the soul lives and is free in My love.  The bones of the flesh remain on the earth, but the spirit ascends to everlasting life, connecting life on earth to life eternal.  This connection is through the cross.


It is necessary to live in this world sharing the graces which are Divine with all people, helping all to know My love.  This can be accomplished by being Love itself.  You may not feel that you belong to this world, but you must live in it.  Utilize the opportunity to love, and be humble and meek of heart.  Pray unceasingly in mind and spirit.  There are many of My beloved ones who do not know Me and are thirsty for My love.  Many are confused, downtrodden, angry, bewildered and lonely.  Be Love for them.  Be Me.  Bring My people to Me through unconditional love, deeds and prayer.  There are many who know Me, yet are so afraid to take a risk for Me.  They are quite comfortable in the way they live and in their knowledge of Me.  Yet, they are not willing to be challenged by Me, nor do they desire to know Me more intimately for fear of what I might ask of them once illumination of their minds and souls commences.  They keep a distance from Me.  Bring these My people to Me through your example of living and of trust in Me.  Let your life show them the freedom and joy affiliated  with the surrender of affection toward the passions and material possessions of the world.  Your life must be an example of prayer, joy and service.  It must be free of fear, anxiety and attachments of all sorts.  There are many of My beloved ones who refuse to know Me.  They do not desire Me.  They have no interest in anything Divine.  Bring these My people to Me through prayer.  Unite them unceasingly to Me in the silence of your heart and live in My hope for their future.  The time will come when all actions will be accounted for in the heavens.  Every person will be responsible for his or her actions.  It is I who desire all to be free and happy and to live in love of the truth.  Speak up for the truth of My Word; yet speak lovingly and allow your actions to be the living testimony of your freedom in My love.


I bless you, little one of love and mercy, as I bless all My people in the world.  Pray, pray, pray unceasingly and live My love for all.  Peace in My love and fortitude in My truth!



End of Lesson #24.