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Volume V Lesson #25

In private chapel at home

October 25, 1995





My dear child, listen to My words of mercy for My beloved people.  See how through My patience I show My people how much I love them.  I am a gentle God, loving all people.  I am here for all people, not only a select few.  All are special to Me for all were created in My likeness.  It is My people who have the choice to belong to Me.  I will never reject them.  My beloved ones feel inferior and are afraid they are not counted among the chosen.  They wonder why certain things happen to them and not to others.  They place restrictions, contingencies and stipulations on themselves, and therefore block My love.  They, in essence, build a wall of judgmental emotions against themselves, not permitting Me to love them.  For this reason they end up rejecting My love and My graces which I desire to bestow on them.  I want all My beloved to know the depth and breadth of My love for them.


Life is full of wonders, and what you do with each opportunity of each day allows you to be co-redeemers in My love.  My people are filled with questions which occupy their minds, questions about themselves.  I desire them to rest in My love by putting aside their frustrations and desires for self gain and to focus on loving others through My eyes.  Love as I love. Do not be concerned on how you could do better serving others.  Place the emphasis of your focus not on yourself but on loving others.  Do the best you can do and be pleased that My grace has carried you through a given day.  We together are joined in love.  Do not become distracted with the frustrations and the enticements of the world.  Your cross is your redemption; and the closer you desire to be to Me, the more you desire to be Me, the many more crosses you will be issued under the heavens, for true love and humility are brought to perfection through the cross.  Do not attempt to analyze why some people seem to have heavier or fewer crosses in their lives.  Everyone who desires eternal life and to share the Beatific Vision of the Holy Trinity has a cross.  Only I know the incentives of each person’s heart, and only I know what each person needs for salvation.


Pray for others.  Intercede for them with your love, service and prayers.  Join together as a unit of one body, one love.  Do not weigh your cross against another person’s.  Keep your head under the yoke.  Do not allow the passion of curiosity let your eyes look at what others are doing.  Your eyes need to be focused on your own duties of love for the day.  Be careful and notice how often in a given day you may be filled with judgmental opinions and emotions.  Realize how often you are quick to form a verdict on someone’s actions, words or general behavior, and thus feel that you are self-righteous.  Put a stop to active, useless thoughts which can preoccupy your mind by replacing them with thoughts of love and affirmative, positive thoughts of the person.  See through My eyes each person’s goodness, and be merciful.  Focus on My love and mercy and on how I love each person and am merciful not only toward the greatest sins but also the slightest imperfections and failings.


You can be merciful.  You can be loving. You can be Me, for you were created in My goodness.  It takes time to utilize and put into practice My words, as it takes time for an athlete to train and rise to a level of perfection in fitness.  If you do not start , how will you reach the finish line?  Begin now and be patient with yourself.  As I have said to you in the beginning of this lesson, ‘See how through patience I show My people how much I love them’, through your patience show each other how much you love one another.  Begin with yourself.  Be patient with yourself as I guide you and show you how much you love yourself, so you will be able to show others how much you love them.  Mercy is the key to loving.  Take the step to mercy and cross the bridge of love.  Peace, little one, to you and all My loved ones.  My peace I give to you.



End of Lesson #25