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LESSONS  from Our Lord for the World



Volume V Lesson #29

In private chapel at home

November 9, 1995





My little one, come to Me when you are weary and rest in My love.  I will give you peace and refresh your soul with My presence.  So many of My beloved people are tired and in need of great comfort and loving care.  I desire all who are tired and filled with anguish to have recourse to Me.  No matter how busy your schedule is daily, I can comfort you.  Only ask Me to orchestrate your time, and you will be given the time to rest in My love in prayer and solitude.  If you desire time with Me, I will give it to you.  I am gentle and meek of heart.  I will teach you how to pray.  I will lead you to a conversion of heart through praying for forgiveness and purity of heart.  You will love your enemies and persecutors and seek the Kingdom above all else.  You will learn to pray in faith, for I will guide you.  You will knock, and I, being the Door, will open to you the Way.  Your heart will be disposed to do the will of My Father, for you will be bonded to Him in filial love.  In Me you will live the perfect model of prayer through a loving adherence to the will of My Father.  Remember I have mentioned to you the bond of filial love and how you, through Me, are a child of God.  Pray with confidence.  Pray with a persevering faith and with purity of heart.  Give all your petitions in prayer to My Father in My Name.  I have told you of His great love and tender kindness.  This filial bond of love with the Father is a communion with Him.  Nothing happens to you in life unless My Father wills it so.  Trust in Divine Providence and surrender to His consoling truths.  Trust in the wisdom of God.  His judgment does not lack in what is advantageous for you.  Even misfortunes have a useful purpose.  Practice trustful surrender and have a loving recourse to God.  I will teach you to conform to the will of My Father in adversity as well as in prosperity, in times of humiliation and disgrace as well as in times of honor and respect.  I will lead you and be your Teacher.  Though all may turn from you, I will  never leave you.  I will be there for you.  You will have a place to rest your weary head.  I am merciful and all loving.  I am your Jesus of Mercy.


I want all My people to know I am here for them at their asking.  I surround them with love, and I hope they will desire the counsels of truth.  It is My hope that they practice filial submission to Divine Providence.  This allows them to rest in My Father’s arms as a child rests in its mother’s arms.  Conforming the soul in love to Divine Providence allows the soul to rest in peace and gives hope to the weary.  My lessons to My people have been given because of My great love for them.  I am calling My people to return back to God.  I desire My people to know I have not abandoned them.  I have given them the tools of prayer and the consoling truths of My existence.  I have desired them to learn, to be free, and to grow in holiness.  I give My words for them to give them hope for the journey.  I await their love.  My Word will never perish.  All who abide in the Word abide in Me and abide in Love.  Those who abide in Me abide in My Father in a filial boldness.  My lessons are for all people in the world.  All are invited to live in unity, peace and love.  All are invited to live in the truth of God.  Peace to all, little one.  My peace I give to you for all eternity.  Come, you who are weary and filled with anguish.  Come, rest in My love.  Receive My mercy and comforting love.  I am your Jesus of Mercy.



End of Lesson #29.