Vol V Lesson 3

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Volume V Lesson #3

At Villa St. Michael, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

December 2, l994





My dear little one, I desire My people to come to Me, to take time for Me, to slow down and move at a pace which allows them to absorb the goodness of My Father present in everything.  It is necessary to nurture and cultivate the seed of love infused by the Father.  How do you nurture the seed planted by Love?  Your desire to allow the seed to grow and blossom opens the aqueducts of Love to water and feed the soul.


My Father instills in you Love.  His goodness draws your will to Love.  He draws your intellect to ponder Him in contemplation.  Everything which is good comes from the Father.  You could not love if the Father did not will it.  You could not love Him if He did not draw you to Himself.  Therefore, in contemplation you gain admiration and devotion to His Love.  His works of love are not founded only on prayer and admiration but in deeds.  What fruit in love is there without action and charity?  My Father gave Love to you.  If He draws you to Love and you keep it to yourself it will die.  The seed of love must be nurtured and watered through action.  The fruit will not blossom unless the soil is tilled and watered.  So too is it with love.  If you have fidelity in love to the Father, you have not only contemplation and admiration but acts of charity in deeds.


It is necessary to realize that your weaknesses and imperfections are not driven away, because they are the fuel to sprouting the fruit of humility and chasing the Love of the Father.  In your weaknesses you remember you are nothing without Love, and it is the Father who deepens Love in you.  You chase after Him desiring to belong totally to Him, to live in total union with Him.  Your heart longs for Love.  You no longer want only the blessings of God, but you crave God Himself.  God is all of yours, and now you ask when will you be all of God’s.  O’ the wonder of Love, to desire to belong to God totally!


I desire that My people slow to a pace of contemplation and admiration of LOVE, love of the Father.  No one knows the Father except the Son and whoever the Son chooses to reveal the Father.  I desire to introduce the Father to all those who desire “LOVE”.  I am Love.  I am One with the Father.  I am yours.  Will you be Mine?  Will you allow Me to bring you to My sweet loving Father?  Once you know the Father you will never desire anything other than what Love desires.  I bless you, little one, and I bless all My people.  Peace.



End of Lesson #3.