Vol V Lesson 8

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olume V Lesson #8

In private chapel at home

March 18, 1995





My little one, I await the love of My people, but it is conditional.  I desire all to come to Me not only during times of need of earthly comfort.  So many of My people cannot find the time to rest in My presence of love even for fifteen minutes a day.  Their self-interest supercedes the graces which I would like to bestow on them.  I desire to care for all My people, and I desire them to come and be with their Friend, their Lover, their Savior.  They do not desire to be with Me.  They desire instead to nourish their carnal desires over the delights of eternal wisdom, freedom and joy.  And so through their free will they limit and obstruct the flow of My grace upon them.


I came to save the sinner, but My people think they have not sinned and do not need God.  They have made idols of themselves.  Anything which is good within them they display and brag outwardly in self-love.  They do not see that all good things come from Me and Me alone, not through their own merit.  They consider themselves perfect and in need of no change.  Any vice of their flesh is excused.  Yet they are impatient with anyone who does not show them respect or honor.  They are proud and lack faith.  They do not love God and they do not love their countrymen.  They thrive on the misfortunes of their enemies.  They are full of pride and self-love.  Their lack of faith is due to their negligence in seeking the knowledge of God in truth and in humility.  A lack of faith is a lack of conviction about the truth of My sweetness.  They do not desire an intimate or personal relationship with Me.  They do not desire a deep living faith which surpasses all knowledge.  All their intentions stem from self-interest, comfort, and praise about which they boast deceitfully.  What state could be more sinful?  Yet they think they are not sinners and do not need salvation.  This carelessness will result in their own judgment in due season.  If they will not heed My Word and allow My mercy to change their strong hearts to repentant hearts, their own judgment standards will toss them into the abyss of eternal flames which will consume their souls in everlasting agony and misery.


My Way is simple, however difficult many might conjecture it to be.  I have said many times that I desire to be your Friend.  I desire to give you many blessings and fruits from My kingdom.  But fear of the unknown and lack of control make it too risky for My people.  They do not trust because of their lack of faith.  I would deepen their faith, O’ if they would allow Me into their hearts.  So they do not believe in the Word.  If they do not believe, they cannot love, for I am Love.  Peace cannot exist unless there is love.  How, little one, would you have Me respond to My people who continue to live in a most sinful state?  If they continue to transgress My obedience imposed on them, they will become My enemies instead of My people.  I redeemed My people through My Blood and restored the life of grace, but they are not grateful.  They are obliged to render Me praise and glory.  If they continue to deprive Me of glory and continue to claim their glory, the greater will be their offence.  For they are not allowing Me to be their God of Mercy.


You restrain Me, little one and all those My beloved ones who seek to love, to serve unconditionally and to appease Me by your tears which bind the punishment of offences through Divine Justice.  When you pray for others, My mercy can unfold and the humility of your tears can mitigate the fury of My Father’s wrath.  Look then to Me for knowledge and truth.  Look to Me for fulfillment.  I love My people and desire to save their souls which, if left to the hands of mankind alone, will surely die.  Pray, little one, for mercy in this world.  Tell all My beloved ones to pray for the mercy of God the Father.  Peace to you.  Peace.



End of Lesson #8